Our Story

Our story

You must have read stories of entrepreneurs who came up with their million dollar ideas over a couple of beers with their friends.. Not us.

You even hear those feel good stories of friends and roommates starting a business.. Not us either.

We, or I as I would call it more likely, started “Raizel.in “ overnight..

No, am not making up a story..

Been a chain smoker for almost a decade only till the age of 24..(oh yes, I started out early), I decided to quit.. why???

Nothing serious, just one of those “aj ke baad nae piyunga yaar” feeling you know..

But was it that easy?? You really think so..

Nah.. horrible experience.. I realized smoking was a big time addiction and was not leaving me any sooner.. but then now it was out in the open among my group that I quit smoking. And now getting back to smoking meant giving my friends a chance to call me names.. Something I couldn’t let happen..

And as we all do.. The moment I felt stuck I ran to the “google gods” to seek help.. and they came up with all those ridiculous common answers like nicotine free chewing gums and some searches had also given me links giving me reasons of why I should’nt be smoking.. I mean I know it can cause cancer but so what..

It was an addiction by now I really needed something better than smoking..

Pages of scrolling down over the internet I came across the love of my life.. yes.. am talking about vaping…

I was spell bounded after reading about it and after watching a couple of videos of people making those huge clouds the first thing I did was placed an order for my first vapourizer…

That night all I did was watched video.. oh no no, you got me wrong.. not those kind of video.. am talking of vape videos..

I couldn’t wait for the delivery.. but after patiently waiting for a couple of days I finally had it delivered..it was a moment as beautiful and amazing as holding my first baby in my hand..

I tore open its packing and in next ten minutes I was making my very own clouds..

ohk yes, the first few puffs were choking but spare me the embrassment of explaining how badly I coughed..

Days passed months gone and all I would do is try a new flavours every single time.. I had stocked so many flavours that it was almost like my own tiny vape store.. and I think that’s where the whole idea clicked..

I knew what I was going to do next.. I ordered my first bulk order.. and that was not the tricky part.. The question was “where to sell it”.. I knew for sure there was no market in my city for vape so setting up a store was a real bad idea.. but again the Google gods helped me through this and there it was as you call it today my own webstore.. “raizel.in”.. being a person without any knowledge of websites or coding I stumbled upon many obstacles to get my website ready.. but I had positivity and determination stocked up in me which kept me going..

Website – check

Material – check

Payments portals- check

Delivery portals – check..

Whats next..?? orders.. yes I was waiting for my first order..

This time was the most crucial one.. I had already stuffed in a lot of money by now.. The wait was painstaking.. I used to check my website and mail box daily in the hope to find the first one..

And one fine day.. there it was, my phone beeped and I check my first mail..

Yes.. my first order..

“I am looking for some vape accessories and coils.. could you provide me with that??”

-Dennis Campbell

Read the mail.. Almost immediately I replied back to my first customer.. the first person to invest trust into an online vape company.. the first person to give me hopes in my business..

Thank you Mr. Dennis Campbell.. you been the “knight in the shinning armour” of Raizel.in

No marketing no advertisements just a word of mouth and there I was on my journey that never ended..and will never end.. many problems faced but hard as a mountain I stayed strong and faced the problems with all my calm..

Why vaping..??

What is the difference between smoking and vaping..??

Too many question… Alright.. let me tell you a bit about vaping..

What is vaping…

Vaping can be defines as an act of inhaling water vapour through a personal vapourizer (the vaper’s tobacco-free version of the traditional cigarette).

Vaping utilizes a Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin bases liquid, mixed with small amounts of nicotine and food grade flavouring that then get vapourizer in small battery powered atomizer, simulating the experience of smoking. The vapour created is inhaled and exhaled much like cigarette smoke hence the term “vaping” as opposed to “smoking”

E-cig come in all shapes and sized ranging from cigarette looking devices, to larger more powerful devices. These larger devices use a bigger battery, and a bit more care and know-how regarding their operation.

What is the difference between smoking and vaping?

Vaping v/s smoking:

1. Smoke contains tar..

One main factor would be tar. There is none present in vapor whereas smoking anything will produce a thick and toxic byproduct.

2. Smoking contains harmful chemicals..

Any bottle of e-liquid only contains of 4 different kind of chemicals whereas in a cigarette there are above 30 types of unknown chemicals

3. Burning of tobacco…

There is no burning of tobacco in vaping whereas smoking has 200+ combustion chemicals And the list goes on and on…

BTW, the good news is that you could always kiss your guy/girls after you vape because there is not ash or odor produced in vaping.. , but kissing after smoking.. umm well.. nevermind..

I hope I was helpful and was able to give you all enough information..

As an entrepreneur I belive in maintaining 100% transparency with my customers so let me give you a brief idea of how “Raizel.in” works..

Raizel.in is an online e-commerce company that started in the year 2015.. It is basically a dealer in e-cig and eliquids, vaping accessories which provides world class products from round the world to its customer..We understand the need of a customer and give them the best of all.. We at raizel, deliver quality in time.. We are not of of those companies which would deliver your order 15 days later.. We are the fastest portal to deliver its goods within a window of 3 days..

So if you are planning on getting yourself a vapourizer or vape juice.. what are you waiting for??

Fill yor cart,… buy now and vape on….

With love:

-Dhiraj Shah